Show times:

Shows will run from the 1st of December.
Mon – Thu: 7PM till 10PM
Fri: 7PM till 10:30 / 11PM
Sat: 7PM till 11PM
Sun: 7PM till 10:30PM

Christmas Eve: 7PM till 11:30PM.

Please tune your radio’s to 92.0 FM for maximum fun!.

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For quite some time I’ve watched in amazement at Christmas lights dancing to Christmas carols with the awesome mix of colors and orchestration. I simply wanted to be involved in the same phenomena.

Videos of 2013′s show are now available.

This map was generated from the crowd source list from the Christmas Lights Finder Rockhampton Region Facebook page.

View Rockhampton Christmas Lights Map – 2013 in a larger map

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This years show is composed of around 14 tracks, these are played at random (at current). These show stops playing at around at 10PM weekdays and 11PM weekends.

We Will Rock You – Queen
First of the year – Skrillex
Cinema + Bangerang (Remix) – Skrillex
Mad Russian’s Christmas – Trans Siberian Orchestra
Siberian Sleigh Ride – Trans Siberian Orchestra
Wizards in Winter – Trans Siberian Orchestra
Sandstorm – Darude
Coca Cola Christmas – Jules Sanger
Carol Of The Bells – David Foster
Christmas Eve Sarajevo – David Foster
All I Want For Christmas – Mariah Carey
Music Box Ddancer – DJ Schwede
I Got A Feeling – Black Eyed Peas
Christmas Vacation – Mavis Staples

Does it cost much to run?
Due to the nature of the lights display(lights are more off than on), and through the use of 98% LED light strings (bar the reindeer which are the standard incandescent glass bulbs) which are known for their energy efficiency and high light output. The entire show uses a measly 90 watts during the show and about 150 watts when at full power (only occurs for 30 mins from 6:30->7PM), and so does not cost a lot to run.

I’ve been busy with the setup of XIR 2011, and it’s almost ready to run.
Attached are some photos of setup and the display at night.

Video’s for each song in our 2010 show will be posted here.

Trans Siberian Orchastra – Wizards in Winter


Andy Williams – Sleigh Ride


Jingle Bell Rock (Techo edit)


Everybody Dance Now


Mariah Carey – Santa Clause is Coming to Town


Burl Ives – Rudolph the Red nosed Reindeer


Background Sequence (plays between shows)

[vimeo clip_id=”17639350″ width=”600″ height=”500″

While I’m working on getting video’s of each sequence in the show, here are some still photos of the entire layout. The LEDTriks appears

fully lit because these shots were based on 2.5second-long exposures.

First of the initial tests are the light poles/columns under the veranda, there are 6 in total with 4 100LED sets each consisting of 2 red and 2 green. All toll 2400 LEDs.

200M of cable was used to connect the lights, a huge amount and a complete underestimation of required lengths.

Track: Trans Siberian Orchestra – Wizards of winter

Hopefully by next weekend the roof will be tested its already in place just needing connection to the control box, it has 40 strings or 4000 LED’s

For now, enjoy.

Arch test – 8channel (27/11/10)

The first of many updates on controller hardware for my XMAS display is the LEDTriks, in short it’s basically a large programmable LED sign like those you see in shop windows/doors saying “OPEN”.

A background of the LEDTriks description is:

While there are a myriad of computer based controller hardware available that will run under the Vixen software for controlling Christmas lighting, there were no LED display panels that could be controlled thru Vixen. Robert Jordan decided that the Vixen community needed a LED sign and took it upon himself to design and prototype an LED scrolling board. While Robert had seen LED boards everywhere, he wanted one that allowed you to do text and animation. He envisaged a LED display board that could be your show sign and a place for animations during the show.

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